Part of the Community

Well it’s nearly 2:30am which is pretty standard for this household.  For as long as I can remember now we have had some issue or another causing the 2am test requirement.  No matter what changes are made.

I’m going to wake up for work again at 6:30am feeling exhausted & following my usual routine, it’s now auto-pilot, a bit of a power saving mode while everything wakes up gradually.  And every day the same thing, BG reading, liaise with Amy in the kitchen about what to do when up then off to work @ 7am.

First job – log onto Twitter & see what I’ve missed in the past few hours.  The Diabetic Online Community (#doc) is a powerful thing.  Without even realising it, it has changed everything about how we deal with diabetes on a daily basis.

It’s given support, advice unlike anything we have been offered by DSN or HCP.  It has made us see everything in a new light, even made us realise how bad the care we had was and moving hospitals.  But more than that, it’s a friendly hello, good morning and generally how are you.

When everything seems to be crashing around me it’s appreciated more than you’d know, it’s amazing how you guys and gals have kept me sane in under 140 characters by take a moment out your day to just say Hi, so thank you, all of you.  You are all amazing people.


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