So it looks like i’m in Quarantine.

I’ve been thrown out of work & not to return in a hurry. Why nobody wants to share my germs I have no idea. But it is freeing up a lot of time. I’ve decided that maybe I should embrace a couple of days of peace to catch up on a little more sleep, recover & take a proper look into Emily’s future care plan.

The CGM last week was a huge eye opener. We did not get the chance to iron out the problems we had on basal due to running a temporary basal rate from illness but it did give an over riding feeling of security.

Without doubt last week would have been hell without it. I think that is why I got so freaked out on Sunday when it expired. Fortunately as long as Emily keeps away from me she seems to be on the mend and we’ve lost the high BG readings, but the hypo’s continue,

Thursday we have a meeting at clinic to download the CGM data and discuss how it went and where we go next. I’m guessing if we can get them on side with the CGM idea then that may help our chances, We need to discuss our pump options as well. Something I also need to do with some members of the DOC.

I’m also going to be taking some time to go through a wide number of DOC blogs online that I’ve not had the focus to look at lately.

So i’m guessing that gives me 3 days at home. I’m pretty sure in that time I could even sort out the UK flood issues. I can’t just lie about and do nothing. It will drive me mad. However I will never be too bored to start the housework.


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