Good Vibes – A Chance Encounter

So today was our day to go talk about how the CGM went.

Bless them trying to decipher what went on while running TBR the entire time, it really wasn’t possible.  It was a mess.  In fact the only thing we are changing is from work done in the past 5 days since the Navigator came off.

But we did explain what a positive effect having a CGM had on everyone involved in Emily’s care & Emily of course.  She had the sparkle back in her eyes, less mood swings.  She was a close to a normal 5 yr old as we are going to get.

But the best part of sitting discussing the data was again talking about changing pumps this summer to encompass a CGM into it.

‘So which pump were you looking at?’ our DSN asked.

‘We want to look closely at the Animas Vibe, I think that’s top of our list’  I told them.

‘Well we have Paul outside the door, he’s our Animas rep, would you like to have a chat, I think he is leaving soon’

Now in my head i was saying ‘Of course I do you silly woman, don’t ask stupid questions, someone go hog tie him and drag him in’.  I opted for the far more polite ‘Oh yes please, that would be great’.  See I can be tactful.

Paul pokes his head around the door frame ‘Hello’ He said

** Don’t make me drag your arse in here, i thought **

‘I’ll just go get you some information from the car’

** He better not be trying to run **

Paul comes back a couple of minutes later with a Dexcom box, sits down and opens it up to show us an Animas Vibe. and a Dexcom sensor.  It was tiny in comparison to the Navigator.  This is a big bonus.  The pump was as I expected really.  I didn’t however realise it had an inbuilt bolus advisor.  Something we had been concerned about.  And claims it was fully waterproof.  I am interested just how many people put that to the test on a regular basis.

Then there’s Diasend.  Something I’ve wanted access to for some time, and to my surprise, something despite never mentioning it, our clinic is using for many of their patients.  They also seem very forward in pushing for CGM’s.  So I haven’t mentioned about self-funding just yet.  We will continue to see what the CCG can offer us before playing our hand.

I’ve noticed now that I’ve been staring at the pump a little too long.  Getting lost in the idea of mapping my escape route with it.  I thought better of it.  No doubt i’d only end up hitting an automatic door or getting as far as halfway before realising I just can’t run that far.  He looked pretty quick.  I’d never make it.

So I guess we’ll have to wait for now.  But the future looks brighter.  Changes are coming.  Today was progress & a foot in the door.  For now back to a few basal changes and overnight testing.  It doesn’t feel so bad when there’s a light at the end of the tunnel to aim at.



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