Getting Social

I hold my hands up, I am very bad with social interaction in big groups, I don’t know why, I just always have been a little socially awkward.  This is why in part despite talking to the #DOC members on a regular basis why I’ve only ever been seen once on either an OurD or GBDOC tweetchat.  Even on Twitter I’m slightly socially inept, and this is with people who I know are awesome.  I attend, I’m just sitting in the background silently, reading my Tweetdeck like the creepy man in the corner.

So imagine my horror to be invited to a Diabetes Party by our clinic to meet other parents and children with T1.  Amy is no better.  So this was going to be an experience.  We all met at iKidz in Banbury & went in rather gingerly, Emily saw the climbing frames & was gone like a shot.

That left two rather awkward looking adults staring at a whole group of parent while we played guess who’s children have D.  We spotted a few straight away, you know what to look for – in men the beard is a giveaway, followed by the lack of sleep slouch.  The women look either Psychotic, eyes bulging from the excess caffeine or long drawn tired faces with hair that despite best attempts is at best a bit wild.  We’re easy to spot.

We chatted to our DSN and they pointed out and introduced us to a couple who looked as nervous as us & we proceeded to shuffle to a table to sit and observe.  I was comfortable again, I don’t mind observing.

Emily was introduced to another T1 girl called Ebony & spent the next hour playing with her.  For us it was important that Emily had this interaction, for the past week she has been going through the heart-wrenching ‘I don’t want Diabetes anymore’ stage again.  It’s been hard, you wish (as I’ve said before) that you could just take this away from them.  To tell then it’s going to be ok one day, but we just can’t.  She doesn’t want to be different, she wants to be like everyone else & yesterday for the 1st time she really was.  They were the gang.  The few other children in the play centre were the odd ones out.

Emily however was still slightly the odd one out.  They all went up for food.  Parents clambered round for finger pricks, a wide variety of meters appeared, fingers wiped & checks done, the food was served then out from every other parent came something very alien to us.  An insulin pen.  Emily was the only child on a pump.  I was as intrigued at the pens as the other adults were with the pump.

This is where we noticed our faux pas on Emily’s outfit.  She wanted to share her pump with everyone, in a flash her dress was above her head exposing her cannula, pump and bright pink knickers.  She didn’t care, she was centre of attention.

As mentioned by others recently there can seem to be a #TeamPump vs #TeamPen divide.  A very good piece was written here by @The5thDiabetic (hope you don’t mind).

I am a believer in #TeamWhateverWorksForYou.  I would not push anyone towards pumping.  I would just offer advice as to what the pump has to offer.  Having never been on MDI I cannot compare the differences.  This in a way is good.  I can only offer our experience to having a pump.  It is then down to each case to decide what would be best for them.

Interestingly when speaking to another parent yesterday they actually turned down a pump for no other reason than no-one explained the functions of a pump to them.  We were then asked to talk to someone who is very interested to move over to a pump.  She had a 2 ½ year old daughter who hated being injected.  It was all very brief due to the pump batteries dying and her being short of time.  I worked as matchmaker, her & Amy exchanged numbers, they are local.  We will meet up to demo in the next couple of weeks.  I didn’t want to rush everything, choosing a path of treatment is one of the most important things you can do.

I contacted our DSN this morning thanking them for yesterday & also said to pass on our details to any other parents who want to discuss pump life.  All seemed to have little to no knowledge of them, not because they didn’t want to know, but they didn’t know where to look.

I am going to pass links to #DOC member blogs to hopefully put in the next clinic newsletter, in the hope that they can find answers for questions they want & who knows even find the mad bunch on the #DOC and add to the ever increasing numbers.

If you wish to suggest any blog in particular please leave a comment below.



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