Time for some shameless self promotion I feel.

Thank you all for your input into my costume idea for running the Virgin London Marathon.  The decision has been made, not sure it’ll take too much guessing what I’ve gone for from the title.  I do apologise for the confirmation below of the most out of shape Iron Man in history!


I’ve made recent struggles very clear on this blog regarding my plans to run the Virgin London Marathon for JDRF.  Emily’s overnight control had been very erratic, I had become very unwell & things were not looking great.  In fact on the 9th February I had written off my prep race that is on 2nd March.  However after writing things changed here.  Levels settled, overnight tests were not needed every night & slowly my body recharged own health improved.

I sat down & made my own plan and despite missing targets slightly I did manage my final 15K run on Saturday, so this Sunday I WILL be running my prep race (on just 2 weeks training instead of 12) around Silverstone.  13.1 miles/21KM.  Half way to London, half way to doing our bit towards finding a cure for T1.

If you can spare anything please donate @ www.justgiving.com/TeamHarris14/

And please share/RT this blog.

Thank You


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