A Poem for Diabetes

For weeks Emily had not been herself

Thirsty and grouchy with her deteriorating health

Her shredded nappies and pee soaked bed

What could be the cause?  As we were scratching our head


Twenty Seventh of August, Two Thousand and Ten

A day like no other that we’d want again

The call at my desk I didn’t want to hear

‘Emily has Diabetes’, it was our worst fear


In the hospital, too young to understand

Showered with cuddles and a reassuring hand

Pump attached so big on one so small

But this was her lifesaver answering the call


No time to grieve, I had to stay strong

While Amy mourned about what had gone wrong

‘We’re to blame!  What did we do?’

But nobody explained.  This wasn’t you!


From night one I was there doing every test

I refused to sleep, how the nurses protest

This is our life I may as well start now

Such a massive change but we’ll manage somehow


Nearly 4 years later the differences are clear to see

So much support we’ve found on the #DOC

Diabetes can’t win against something so strong

The cure is just 10 years away right?  But I could be wrong 😉


She has her wobbles that break our heart

Hearing ‘I don’t want diabetes anymore daddy’ just for a start

So young, so brave, she’s endured so much

Her ambition is to help others, an amazing touch


Emily has never been one to mope

Our ray of sunshine when there seems no hope

She is the true star to come out of this

A cure for diabetes, her only wish.