Emily was diagnosed on Friday 27th August 2010.  Less than a week before her 2nd Birthday. And a day before our big family holiday with both families going away together for the first time

She had been not her normal self for over 2 weeks.  The main giveaway for me was during the night Emily had continually been so wet that her nappies had fallen apart & shredded in her sleep.  We had been turned away twice already by the GP.  Given various excuses as to why she was unwell.  Finally on the 3rd visit another doctor advised a blood glucose test.

The results were off the chart.  Emily was rushed to Warwick General Hospital and the whirlwind started.  I myself was at work.  I didn’t really understand anything about Diabetes, i’d never known someone with diabetes.  It was an alien concept to me.

Amy & I dealt with it in very different ways.  Amy did the naturally thing as a mother and went into shock, nothing was sinking in, she couldn’t stop crying.  Looking back I must have seemed very cold & emotionless.  It was a matter of what do i need to know, how do we do this, lets get it done.  I’ve always been practical like that.

She was very poorly, on a drip, she had this new thing attached to her and no idea why.  Being nearly 2 she still had limited speech and understanding of it all, she just had to trust us.  I can’t remember just how high her BG was but I know her ketones were 7.9 and causing them concern.

Amy went home due to her fear of hospitals (long story), Emily was now mine for the next 12 hours, I’d be pestering the nurses through the night asking questions and having the most intense crash course of my life.  I’d soon realised we weren’t going on holiday.

Emily was in hospital for 4 days, 3 nights.  It is lucky that they released her after this point or they were going to have to admit me, I had not been to bed since Thursday, I hadn’t left the hospital since Friday, I neither looked or smelt too good.  I hadn’t let the nurses do anything since i’d got there, I wanted to do it with their supervision.  I wanted to learn.  This helped so much when we were home and doing this all on our own.

It wasn’t until we looked at these photos of her after we left hospital did we notice quite how much weight Emily had lost

463 (2)2548 (2)

We changed the missed holiday into a birthday week, spoilt her rotten, went to the zoo, extra gifts, anything to take her and our minds off things.  We did manage to go on holiday for 24 hours – On Friday 3rd September, Emily’s 2nd Birthday, we got up at 5 am and drove 4 hours to the coast to arrive unannounced to spend her birthday on the beach.

451 (2)2870 (2)

From day 1 we have never let diabetes beat us!


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